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About us

Living Pilates UK was born out of the mind of Liv Stanley, an ex-professional dancer, who came to pilates through dance training and fitness. 

The foundations of the studio are based on natural earthy elements, organic physicality, and openness. The studio and the teaching should reflect each other to bring out the best of ourselves.

Whole   Self   Health
More than just fitness

An important philosophy for us is that Pilates isn't just about fixing a problem, but creating a practice that allows the person to connect with their body and mind - to understand how deeply they are connected and to tune into this daily. This is learnt through conscious and mindful movement - a dancer doesn't just know the dance, they learn and practice until they know it instinctively. Once the mind can move the body subconsciously, we are moving with ease and efficiency.

Pilates was my hobby; it was my way of staying strong and injury free while I was dancing in London. In 2017 I completed my teacher training with STOTT Pilates and haven't stopped yet, completing my full comprehensive studio teacher training in 2020 with Polestar Pilates.
I love bringing clients engaging and different classes which are challenging for all levels.
In the private studio is where I get curious, exploring movement with clients to reduce pain, finding movement they didn't know they had, sharing useful anatomical information and most importantly the technique of Pilates.

I specialise in teaching clients with:
- back pain  - slipped discs  - sciatica
- pregnancy  - postnatal  - shoulder injuries 
- hip replacements  - osteoporosis 
- knee pain  - beginners - older populations


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