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Verity, Train Driver

Olivia Helped me recover from 3 bulging discs in no time! I was pain free relatively quickly thanks to her clear and concise instruction. Forever thankful.

Ellen, Media Executive

Olivia is an amazing teacher who I've been practising with for just over 2 years now, from total newbie to complete convert. She's incredibly imaginative with her classes, which all have a different flow and feel which I really enjoy. She's also excellent at taking individual student needs into account, tailoring classes wherever possible, and talking through the moves in a relatable way to help with adjustments, which is more essential than ever when taking classes via Zoom!

Tiffany, Virtual Assistant

I can’t recommend Olivia’s Pilates classes enough. I came to Olivia several years ago with bad neck and back pain and thanks to weekly classes I now live completely pain free. The classes are always enjoyable and tailored for different levels. Best Pilates classes I’ve ever done.

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