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Welcome to the new Living Pilates UK Studio

It's been a long and busy start to 2021 for me as I planned and designed what the new home studio was going to be. For me, when I enter a studio I look for certain credentials which keep me coming back for more and I wanted to put those things into this studio room for you to enjoy too.

Natural - Luxurious - Organic - Green - Light

These words are what I wanted to make the space feel like, not only are they how I want the physical studio to be, but also how I want our mind and body to feel when we move in it - something that is easily achievable in the right environment. A space where you feel warm, welcome, at ease and free. The studio brings in tonnes of natural light which in turn warms the room up, it brings in the afternoon sun but still remains fresh with the windows able to open up to the outside air circulation. With a wooden floor and green, air-purifying plants, the room brings the outside in, grounding the body and feeling inviting, a chance for the mind to slow down and focus.

Align Pilates Equipment

After using different brands of equipment I landed on Align Pilates because they are firstly based in Worcestershire, have brilliant quality machines and are so easy to use and change. The mix of wood, metal and vinyl give a sleek design and feel sturdy, wide and robust. We have a Reformer which changes into a Half Cadillac and Wunda Chair with plenty of space for pilates matwork, the spine corrector and gym ball.

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